Small business and local nonprofit leaders speak up and share their proven results.


“As a small business owner navigating through the pandemic, when I reached out to her I had specific goals in mind and she not only met them for me but made the entire process so seamless! She is very target oriented, so if you need something done in the world of PR, she is your person! I was pleasantly surprised and happy that she had experience in my very niche business. If you are hesitating, don’t, and contact her today! I look forward to continuing to work with Leslie.”

“Leslie provides neutral facilitation for our meetings, anticipates group dynamics, develops and leads us through appropriate exercises, and prepares me and my team for our meetings. Overall, this leads to productive meetings that allow us to unlock the potential of our collaborative.”


“This was very good for all levels of expertise; there’s always something more to learn.”

“I absolutely loved this class because of Leslie’s knowledge and engaging presentation style. She incorporated the perfect blend of modalities–lecture, activities, sharing and homework. Just right!”

“Great workshop! One of the best I’ve been to and very valuable info.”

“Great presenter… continue to use Leslie for future workshops.”

“I really enjoyed the breakdown of realistic goals, objectives, and strategies. This will all be wonderful when implementing for projects at work. Additionally, I appreciated the access to templates and documents as examples. I feel 100% more confident in my knowledge and feedback to share with my team.”

“I can now pinpoint holes in my marketing plan for an upcoming member and fundraising drive. I’ll use this information to better organize a larger marketing plan so that I execute it successfully.”

“Great workshop! One of the best I’ve been to and very valuable info.”

“I will use the information I’ve learned from this course to develop strategic marketing plans for my organization to better promote our products and increase patronage. One point we have struggled with in the past is setting distinct objectives, measurable strategies, and tactics to achieve these goals, and now I feel like I have the knowledge to plan out our different marketing strategies.”


Puts Marketing in Motion!
“Loved this guide that, by validating what we we’ve been doing, gives us the push to get going again! The illustrations tap on imagination, a plus for any business. Thank you Leslie A.M. Smith! : )”

Great guide for promoting your small business or non-profit!
“Loved this book! It’s an easy read with essential information on how to promote your business. The case studies provided clear examples of the principles described. The analogy to Newton’s 3 Laws is brilliant! As a new business owner, I wish I had this book a few years ago as I launched my educational consulting business! ”

A quick refresher on the basics.
“A reminder of the marketing basics we all should know. “

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