Public Relations

Through effective public relations, McCormick L.A. enhances your business by providing additional channels for you to create a bond between you and your target audiences.

Proactive public relations efforts add value to your brand and imprint a feeling that underscores your core values.

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Community Relations

One of the best ways to attract attention is to create news that gives your organization hero status in your community. Contests, events, giveaways, sponsorships, and strategic alliances all work to solidify your organization as an integral part of the community. McCormick L.A. has been successful at devising community relations campaigns that demonstrate a company’s best qualities.

If you are undertaking a large-scale construction project or any endeavor that may impact residents or businesses, enlist McCormick L.A. to help you reach out and communicate proactively to those affected. Community meetings, one-on-one appointments, and consensus building strategies will aid your process and mitigate problems so you can do what you do best––complete the project.

Media Relations

There’s no denying that news media offers validity to what you do. When you want media attention, hire McCormick L.A. Earning a positive story in the news serves your organization in many ways. Third party validation is just the start! Media coverage can catch the attention of thousands of readers and viewers to your product, service, or cause.

Garnering the media attention you deserve requires a professional with strong media ties who has a knack for creating a winning pitch.

Smith’s clients have benefited from exposure in the following ways:

  • Television newscasts,
  • Radio interviews,
  • Nationally syndicated spots,
  • Magazines,
  • National blogs, and in
  • Daily and weekly newspapers.

Social Media

With a team of social media experts, McCormick L.A. harnesses the power of social media platforms to round out and extend your brand and builds a community with your positive reputation taking center stage.

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