I take a highly simplified approach to marketing. I think that if it is too complicated it leaves too many small businesses and local nonprofits without a chance to compete.


Get Ready to be Impressed With Creative Solutions That Maximize Your Resources.
No-Nonsense Doesn’t Mean Boring.
There’s always a way to achieve what you want without draining your reserves.



It all starts with a plan that is the right size and level of ambition for you. Let’s develop a clear vision of your desired destination. Through one or more discovery sessions and maybe a communications audit, we’ll discuss what you aspire to do by when and get started. We’ll also detect what’s not working.



How we meet the objective(s) can be accomplished through myriad ways. Artful, clever, groundbreaking, or traditional, classic, steady … it all depends on you and the culture and the brand that you want. Together we will examine the pros and cons of how to reach the destination and choose an effective approach.



Without the tactical implementation, you just have a stack of paper with words on them. We have to move our feet and get things done at the right time, exploring other factors affecting your niche and studying your competition. This is when the fun begins and we move your organization forward.



Is it working? If not, stop! If so, let’s celebrate and increase the effort!
The only way we know is if we build-in a way to evaluate whether we are moving the needle. Measuring income is easy, but what if you want to change the public’s perception about you or create a new product? We have more people and more factors to assess.

Laws of Promotion

Starting with the marketing mix, I believe everyone should gain a working knowledge of how all components work together and not focus on promotion alone. Product, price, place, and promotion all have to work together. Evaluate all four on an ongoing basis and adjust as needed! It IS that simple!

In 2020, I published “Laws of Promotion.” Touted as the quintessential guide marketing guide for any small business or nonprofit. Written in terms you understand to help you put promotion in motion. It is arguably the simplest marketing book out there.

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