A seasoned and popular workshop presenter both live and virtually.
Classes and Workshops – Established or Customized to Suit Your Needs

I am a fierce proponent of learning by doing. My classes are full of practical and imaginative exercises to help the participants delve into the material until it resonates with them.

My workshops are original and filled with unique activities that are personalized for participants who have varying knowledge of any topic. No matter their level of understanding when the workshop begins, I motivate and inspire attendees while increasing their ability, confidence, and knowledge of the topic.

I tailor classes and workshops to your audience size and level of the participants’ aptitude of the topic. Expect some humor too!

Current Established Topics:



  • Effective Communication and Conflict Resolution
  • Mood Sense – Situational Communication Styles (Great for large teams!)
  • Techniques to Improve Your Business Meetings

Marketing and Promotions

  • Marketing on a Shoestring Budget
  • Marketing Essentials
  • Media Training
  • Public Relations Techniques for Small Businesses
  • Nonprofit Marketing Certificate Program

Leadership Skills Training (for individuals and teams)

  • Board Training (for nonprofit boards)
  • Chair Training (for volunteer chairmen within a nonprofit organization)
  • Mentoring in the Workplace
  • Presentation Skills

Customized Topics

If what you need is specialized from the list above, I am happy to develop a curriculum that will help you meet your training objectives in terms of communications, marketing and promotions, and leadership skills.

Invest in professional development for your volunteers or staff. Invite them to gain skills that may transform them. Drop me a line today to discuss your training needs by clicking here.

Join Now!

1. BOOST! Laws of Promotion Starter Course – Need a thorough understanding of marketing and promotions QUICK? Whether you just started your business or your just realizing you need to do more to attract and maintain clients, this three-module, self-paced class is for you!

2. Accelerator Course – Maybe you like what you’ve seen here but don’t have much in the marketing budget just yet. If you are a diligent DIYer, this class will save you thousands of dollars. Six modules introduced weekly and entry into a VIP Community of business owners just like you.

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