Two to One

I just took my kids to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee for a family reunion. We were outside Pigeon Forge in a beautiful cabin overlooking the Smoky Mountains. It was a wonderful trip but not without some challenges. My husband had a previous engagement to go to golf camp...

What We Don’t Know

There’s so much we don’t know. In that realm, there is a good portion of knowledge that we recognize we don’t know but that is attainable if we so desire. For instance, I know that I do not know how to build a rocket and send it into space. I also know I will never...
Job Market

Job Market

Long, long ago, when I was married, but was not yet a mother, I remember my husband and I marveling at a friend’s ability as a mother. She has twins and had not only breastfed them for the better part of the first year of their lives, as they grew she scheduled...

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