There’s always a way to help you meet your objectives!
A combination of established and emerging media tends to be the magic recipe for my clients.

I opened McCormick L.A. in 1994 to help small businesses and nonprofits. If you weren’t around in the 90s, let’s just say drafting flyers and brochures, and issuing press releases were the mainstay of my business.

Since then, I’ve done a bit of everything in terms of marketing and PR and bring a wealth of experience to my clients. From sharpening community relations campaigns and outreach events to handling crises and creating robust marketing plans and brand strategies that demolish misperceptions and create a strategic future.

Technology has exploded over the years and changed some of the tactical implementation (from flyers to Facebook), but from my experience with industries ranging from restaurants to aerospace and 30 industries in between, no matter how many employees or volunteers, no matter how big or small the budget, the principles of promotion are the same.

I tend to become my clients’ biggest fan which makes it easy for me to promote them and often add a few extra tasks that don’t always show-up on their bill. If you want to succeed and have a great product/service/cause, I want to be your biggest booster! This enthusiasm has won me many referrals to new business both as a subcontractor to other firms and as a prime resource to businesses and nonprofits.

Continually strengthening what I offer my clients, I have attained other skills that aid in the vision of creating clear communication in the areas of leadership, facilitation, and collective impact. I am dedicated to remain curious and continually learn.

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Coverage for Raytheon SAS active sponsorship of *FIRST LA Regional including a televised piece hosted by Tech Specialist Rich DeMuro syndicated in 52 markets nationwide. In addition to frontpage coverage in the Press-Telegram and Daily Breeze.
(*FIRST stands for “For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology” and was started by Dean Kamen, the Segway developer. It’s a robotics competition for high school students and it is amazing!)


When the event can’t be in a ballroom, bring the ballroom to the site!

I created a space for a corporate groundbreaking event for a solar field in Cantil, California.



Perfect place for a solar farm, but for a party it needed everything. I transformed an empty plot of dirt into a welcoming oasis with an eye-catching raised stage for the speakers with a branded podium, sound system, and a separate area to enjoy a delicious catered buffet lunch. Flooring, walls, tables, chairs, linen, deluxe bathroom facilities with running water, a cooling system, engraved shovels to commemorate the day, and rented golf carts for tours of the farm welcomed the investors and financial backers in style. Topped off with Nike Dri-Fit branded parting gifts before they drove back to civilization. Cantil had never seen anything like it!


I really milked it when I dressed in a cow mascot costume for Rockview Family Farms.

It was udderly fantastic!


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