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The word “lingo” refers to a particular language or set of specialized vocabulary, jargon, or expressions that are used by a particular group of people. This term is often used to describe the language or terminology used by people who belong to a certain profession, industry, or subculture, which may not be easily understood by those outside of that group. 

For example, technology industry has its own lingo with terms such as “API” for application programming interface, and “UX” for user experience (we’re all for that!), which may not be immediately familiar to those outside of the tech world.

The world of promotions (marketing, advertising, and public relations) has its own set of terms and acronyms as well, which is why I started posting the Terms of Service blog posts to begin with. Here are links to some others:




4 Ps of the Marketing Mix

Marketing Plan

Media Plan


Is there a term you aren’t quite sure about? Drop me a line and I’ll be happy to answer. 

Leslie A.M. Smith founded McCormick L.A. in 1994 offering public relations and marketing consulting to nonprofits and small businesses. She recently published Laws of Promotion. The 50-page promotional guide for small businesses and local nonprofits is available now on Amazon. Call her for help with your promotion. If you found this post helpful, please leave a note here anfeel free to share it. 

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