In this month’s vlog episode, I interview Cielo Roth, owner of Cielo Roth Photography.

We discuss valuable tips and insights into your photos and what they communicate. Can they stand alone or do they need some well-written copy?

Shoot What?

Cielo provides some guidance on what you could be photographing to demonstrate your company’s story and better relate to your customer. Are you capturing your company’s events and  milestones? How does your LinkedIn page look?

How Often?

How often are you updating your head shot? Curating your LinkedIn company page will sure look better if you and all of your employees have similar photos that are up-to-date. Cielo has a great opportunity for booking headshots for all your employees or for a group of entrepreneurs.

Image First

I single out Realtors® for needing to update their headshots frequently but this goes for most service industries. If you are going to be in someone’s home, people want to see that the photo on your business card matches the person’s face standing before them. This also protects you from anyone trying to gain entry by impersonating you.

We discuss it all in this quick vlog episode. Thanks for watching and please share the episode with anyone you think could benefit from a photographic re-fresh. You can see more on Cielo’s website:

If you missed any previous vlog episodes, you can access them here:


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