Hiring a facilitator might be one of the best things you can do for your team of executives or volunteers. McCormick L.A. offers facilitation services to help you do something as basic as coordinating a brainstorming session to a project as advanced as creating your strategic plan. Here are three advantages you gain when you hire a facilitator:

1. Facilitation is inclusive

When you hire a facilitator you are able to fully participate in the conversation. If you are the chair, the executive director, or the president, AND you plan to run the meeting, then you can’t partake at the same level as everyone else. The facilitator is truly neutral so everyone can share and develop a better product.

2. Facilitation provides a better process

Sometimes stakeholders don’t feel equal. Facilitation creates an environment where everyone can share freely and openly. A facilitator values all participants for their contributions as she captures all expressed thoughts and records them for the collective group memory. Sometimes, the facilitator uncovers misunderstandings and is able to acknowledge and manage those issues.

3. Teams reach their goals

Hiring a facilitator helps teams of volunteers, executives, planners–any team!–reach their goals. Even if there is conflict to resolve, a facilitator will identify those issues and help the group move forward. Progress is not always a straight line and a skilled facilitator will help build a foundation for future success.

Hiring a facilitator starts with a call to McCormick L.A.

Whether you need help with conflict resolution or a board training, McCormick L.A. can help.  Call today for a free assessment of your group’s needs.

Leslie A.M. Smith has been a facilitator for almost 20 years working with various groups of stakeholders to help them achieve their goals. She is also a public relations and marketing consultant and seasoned workshop presenter. Visit her website today to see how she can help you.  

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