Wear You’ve Been® hangtags more helpful than ever

These days we are increasingly working in silos as we rely on technology to make our jobs easier and our world smaller. According to the 2010 Census, the number of people who work from home increased by 35%, or four million people, since 1997. It would seem that as more people work from the privacy of home offices, and work hundreds of miles away from their colleagues that it would matter less and less what we wore “to the office.”

For some, that might be true, but when a teleconference can take place on Skype or a Google Hangout with just a few taps on a keyboard, your appearance—at least from the waist up––takes on a new importance.

Do you have monthly meetings with a group of colleagues? Online or face-to-face, you might not want to give the impression your wardrobe is a series of uniforms. In addition to being visibly accessible through your computer, it seems that someone is always snapping a photo and posting it somewhere. You might want to keep track and Wear You’ve Been® tags make it really easy.

Of course, you might want to create an iconic look for yourself like Steve Jobs, but chances are you want a little more variety than that.

I created Wear You’ve Been® hanger tags in 2009 to help women to keep track of their great outfits so they aren’t repeating their fantastic ensembles with the same groups of people. You don’t want to overhear your peers (or critics) say, “She just wore that to Sherri’s daughter’s wedding,” as you are accepting the Woman of the Year award. By keeping track of what you wore, you can actually maximize your wardrobe. You will realize that you haven’t worn something in a really long time, or you’ve worn something too many times to wear again. By keeping notes on how you accessorized an outfit, you’ll realize that you can transform an outfit by adding a statement necklace or a great scarf.


I put the tags on sale last year some time and just kept them at that discounted price point. You can buy them in a pretty gift box ready to give in a 50 or 12-count or buy just the cards for a slightly better value. Visit the site here and stock-up!



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