Last week I mentioned that the message comes before the channels you choose to deliver that message. Here is a graphic that underscores that philosophy as McCormick L.A. puts it into action. The messaging, or content, accurately portrays and extends your brand—it’s essentially the sun of the marketing system. Rotating around the messaging are the basic strategies of a campaign include a combination of owned, paid and earned media. An appropriate balance of these channels will help you meet your objectives. 
Sample Objectives
Increase number of new clients by X in one year.
Retaining 100% of existing clients by year’s end.
The best marketing plans are Message-centric
If you are not familiar with these categories, these definitions will help:
Owned Media
                Email newsletter
                Collateral materials
Earned Media
                Online listings
                Social Media
                                  And more!
     News articles
     Reviews, editorials, and online contributions
     Guest blogging opportunities
Paid Media
                Advertising—online, print, broadcast
Content Development
                Core messages are developed to highlight how you relate best to your target audience. The messaging is the most important part of the entire campaign.
Measure Success
Equally important is the assessment. It is important to regularly monitor success so you know what is working and can adjust accordingly. The mechanism has to be decided ahead of time. 
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