Have you ever heard of Wordle.net?

It’s a great tool any time you are writing copy and want to make sure that your main thoughts are really what is coming through. When your eyes glaze over from reading it too many times you can’t see straight and certainly can’t edit appropriately.

I use Wordle from time to time. You visit Wordle.net, click on CREATE and it gives you a nice big blank dialog box. Just paste your text in, or type in a URL where it can extract the copy. Once you press GO, Wordle creates a fun graphic that incorporates all of the words you incorporated in the piece showing the ones you used the most larger than the ones you used the least.

I’m currently revamping my website so I stuffed all my copy for the site onto Wordle and here is the result. (I promise it turns out much larger on the Wordle site, I just don’t know how to code it to make it larger here.)

Wordle: McCormick L.A. 

My company name is the largest followed by terms like marketing, public relations, and Smith. Try it to see if you are writing what you intend to write. You need the most recent version of Java for it to work. You can download it at Wordle.net if you need it. Happy Word Smithing!

McCormick L.A. has been helping businesses and organizations in and around Long Beach with their public relations and marketing needs for 20 years. 

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