You ever feel like you are mired in the same old-same old? Creativity doldrums can really lower the energy and jeopardize the results of any good marketing plan.
This book, “A Whack on the Side of the Head” is known as the creativity classic and can be applied to any challenge or learning situation. Originally published in 1983, my edition hit the shelves in 1990, and there have been a few more runs of the book over the years.
I personally love this book and think of it as a fortune cookie. No matter what page shows when I flop it open, there’s a message that I needed to hear. Okay, we can probably say that about any book, but this book is amazingly creative and fun. Author Roger van Oech teaches the reader to think in a new way, to challenge the legacy ideas that might not be serving you anymore, and to be free to imagine things a new way.
Those of you who hate standardized testing for children will especially love this book.
Van Oech encourages us to look at things in new ways, from other’s perspectives, and to be open to there being more than one right answer for any question. He encourages us to open our mental locks that make us cling to the idea of one right way.
Order a copy from Amazontoday and you can see what I mean. By the way, did I mention the illustrations? It’s chock full of illustrations by George Willett that exemplify the concepts with even more creativity and interest.
Not only will you enjoy it, it will make a great gift for just about anyone. The holiday season is upon us!

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