Source and resource, it’s your product. Your product can be a tremendous marketing resource. How can you re-package your product or service to create a fresh story about what you do? You see large products do it all the time. One of my favorite examples of this is breakfast cereal.

It’s a product to be consumed, so the more that is consumed, the more sales they have. Simple. People are only going to eat so many bowls of cereal for breakfast. There would be a cap on sales even if they had 100% market share. It is still designed to eat in the morning. Sure they can suggest you eat it with yogurt instead of milk, but that just helps the yogurt industry. Instead, they created recipes that require the product to be used at different times of the day.

Rice Krispy Treats and Chex Mix are the two that come to mind. After years of offering those recipes on the side of the box, they packaged those products to make it even easier to consume. Then they added variations to the snack lines—Chex Mix with cool ranch favoring, Rice Krispy Treats with chocolate chips and so on.

What is your ‘breakfast cereal’ that can transform and create more need? Think about ways to re-package your product or service either in a bigger family-size package or smaller bite-size portions. Here are a few examples to get your imagination flowing.

The Whole Enchilada

Maybe you are a photographer and your bread and butter product is taking baby portraits. Who can resist buying baby photos? Instead of a sitting and an 8” X 10” bundled in a package, expand it to include the proofs placed in an attractive photo album for an extra $100. A Mother’s Day package could have all of this and a locket with a photo of baby placed inside. Don’t forget to offer framing!

Smaller Appetites

If you are a graphic designer who usually does large, comprehensive branding packages, perhaps you can create a small business logo package. Abbreviate the process, the product and the price tag. This is an especially good tactic to take during traditional slow months.

One of your best marketing resources is the source of your business. Source and resource.

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