This is my daughter’s much-loved, very threadbare toy she calls Dotty. 

Dotty has gone through many challenges and has come through with flying colors. Multiple rounds of rhinoplasty have been necessary since my daughter sucks her trunk, but they have not made dear Dotty any less appealing to my now seven-year-old daughter. 
This summer, the dog did this. This was definitely the worst think that Dotty has ever had to endure. Even worse than being lost–uh, I mean on vacation for two months–until we found her behind a stack of mom’s “to file” papers wedged against a coffee table in the office. 
Poor, poor Dotty. The chewing, the ripping, and the drool from one large collie puppy that is 100 times the size of Dotty. 
Dotty was rushed into emergency surgery for a nose transplant and fluff re-stuff. Once again, she pulled through with a new and improved trunk. She is the envy of all stuffed pachyderms with her sweet pink minky trunk. 
Later this summer the dog did the same thing to her tail. The surgeon was tempted to turn her into a push-me-pull-you, but refrained. 
There is a great book that is all about animals of Dotty’s sort. The loved to abuse sort, that is. 

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