Mother’s Day is a great day to take pause and reflect on the things you learn from your mother. Sometimes it takes a while to agree with her and knowing that should only give us more patience as mothers. Maybe patience isn’t the word for it … long-suffering, maybe. It is frustrating when your kids do not acknowledge your wisdom at the moment but somehow you hope that one day they will get it. Wisdom, after all, comes from reflection and wholly accepting the experience.

Here is a list of ten things my mom repeated to me as I was growing up and will share them with my kids–some I already have. (I picked the things I agree with.)

Mommies are entitled to take a bite out of any sandwich they make for their kids

If you get the heal of the bread loaf, you get to make a wish on the first bite

Some recipes are for sharing and some for keeping in your family

Ketchup can make dry leftover Thanksgiving turkey taste delicious on a sandwich

Neosporin makes every boo-boo better

Sometimes you just have to grin and bear it

Don’t wear your heart on your sleeve

Leftovers from a party taste better than at the party

Marry a man who can cook

Nothing good happens after midnight

If your dinner party menu isn’t turning out, serve more alcohol!

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