Last month we added a new member to the family. We needed some more male energy, my husband would attest to that, and six-month-old Harrison fit the bill just fine. Harrison is a smooth coat collie. It’s a breed I had never heard of and now I don’t think I need to learn of another.

Smooth coats have short hair – lacking that mane that makes Lassie so identifiable. Without all that hair around the dog’s face, the collie snout is very pronounced. He looks a little like a deer in the face. His coloring is a beautiful tan and milky white – like that of a hamster.

He’s smart, sweet, has a great disposition and we know he will fill us with as much love as his predecessor did for a very long time.

Nonetheless, he is a puppy. Any puppy training website or book will tell you that puppies require constant supervision and I cannot disagree. Between our last puppy adoption and this one we have had two kids with whom I stayed home. We had our routines of play time, nap time, tummy time, tot lot, walks through the neighborhood, etc. With Harrison, I am a mom of an infant again but there are definite differences.

To highlight those differences, I have compiled the following two lists.

Top Ten Ways Puppies are Better Than Babies

10. If a dog-year is equivalent to seven human-years, then each of their days is a week making their growth and maturity exponential.
9. When they are naughty you can put them in a cage—a real cage!–and no one will arrest you.
8. You can walk them on a leash and no one looks at you funny.
7. They don’t talk back and never will.
6. They start out in life walking.
5. You can leave them home alone—in a cage!
4. They lose their teeth and get new ones without too much drama, and no tooth fairy visits (she can be so forgetful!)
3. They can eat food you serve them from a bag, by themselves.
2. They will never drive a car or need college tuition.
1. Getting one will never cause stretch marks.

Top Ten Ways Babies are Better Than Puppies
10. You can contain children in a swing, a saucer or a bouncer while you tend to other things and everyone is happy.
9. You can dress them up for pictures and no one thinks you’re a freak.
8. They might have children of their own one day and then they will truly understand you.
7. They can become mature adults and get a puppy for themselves.
6. They can’t walk until they are about one year.
5. They don’t have any teeth until almost a year.
4. Eventually you can reason with them.
3. They smile.
2. They giggle.
1. They learn to say, “I love you.”

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