Lately I have heard incredible stories about children and adults and their deep connections to their first security blankets. Tiny tots, teenagers and a few parents all have their blankies that they love so much.

A woman told me about having her blankie at her wedding. Another young woman has a small piece of her childhood blankie in her jewelry box. A few macho teenagers still admit to cuddling.

Blankies have a hard time surviving past the toddler years. They get drooled on and cried on and dragged through everything. They creep off strollers and end up wrapped around the wheels sometimes. As resilient as they really are to survive any of these obstacles at all, they still shred and tear. But that shrinking, tearing mess does not make them any less attractive to their owners.

One woman was in despair when her chlld’s blankie was left at a restaurant and when they went to get it, the busboy thought it was a rag and had thrown it out.

I once asked a woman if I was seeing correctly when it appeared her lovely little girl was cuddling a rag mop. She reassured me it was just the remains of a beloved blankie that got washed too many times.

There’s now a way to make everyone happy. It’s this wonderful thing I created called a Blankie Keeper. It is a must-have for parents and kids alike. Mom is tired of looking at the torn blankie and junior can’t let go of it. So to keep the peace for all involved, mom and dad can simply fold the blankie–or its remains—and put it into this adorable Blankie Keeper turning it into a pillow. Problem solved and you saved the landfill from one more discarded item.

This is a simple, yet obviously practical product, solving the age-old malady of Blankie Separation Anxiety.
Many kids like the tactile sensation they get from their blankies. If that is the case, the Blankie Keepers are open in the back, a child can still touch it and enjoy it.

They come in three sizes for receiving blankets, throws and a large one that will re-purpose crib bedding into a pillow for the big kid bed.

After all, what do you do with a crib’s quilt? You took great pains in choosing the right one and then it was rarely in the crib and hardly ever used. Now you can make good use of it instead of storing it in the garage. This is a keepsake you will be glad you preserved in such a useful and cute way.

Just go to and order yours today! Let me know what you think. I am open to suggestions. Enter “TOT 20” for 20% off your entire order!
“Every Blankie Needs a Keeper!”

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