I was hooked on John McCain during the 2000 primary. He wasn’t about party and I share that with him. I vote my conscience and I vote for capitalism. I’m a Democrat because I believe there has to be a safety net for those who aren’t making it. The abuse of that safety net is often what gets the most play in the news and the abuse is shameful, I agree. Just as taking contributions in exchange for votes is horrendous.

In 2000 I wished for a ticket of McCain and Bradley. Alas, that party commingling was not going to happen. The last eight years are what they are. I have no problem with us defending our country and fighting unconscionable acts that others inflict in this world. Goodness prevails and the United States is the model for that good. It’s worth the fight.

I don’t think politics are worth being bitter over. Politicians are willing to serve and I have to believe that most do it for the right reasons—to serve the greater good. We have a choice when we vote and we can voice our dissatisfaction whenever we want, it’s America. I quit waiting for the perfect candidate; they are all just people. I don’t even agree with my husband all the time. Though I am pro-choice, if you are pro-life, I respect your conviction and that’s the way it is. It’s called democracy. McCain was about the best I had seen to not worry about going against the grain of party politics. Then along came Sarah.

I listened to her speech last night and tears came to my eyes between giggles. You could not have manufactured a candidate who had more of the major issues covered in her own life. She is pro-life and she gave birth to a Down’s baby. If you have kids and went to all your doctor’s appointments, you know that she knew her baby had Down’s well before the day he was born. It’s not like she wasn’t busy enough as Governor to justify a different choice when faced with this news. She lives her convictions.

She’s a working mom who cooks her own dinner, has an all-American, union member husband who fishes for a living. She volunteered in the PTA, went to her children’s sporting games, she’s smart as a tack, funny, confident and attractive. She gets it and is not afraid to say so. She is the kind of woman who deserves to be at the top. Goodness prevails.

There is something very Kennedy-esque about her. The Kennedys always hold family first, regardless of the foibles. Governor Palin radiates family, regardless of the foibles. She is a remarkable roll model for all women. Maria Shriver would have a hard time not liking this woman.

Unfortunately a lot of women are saying they need a candidate who believes exactly what they believe. I don’t believe 100% of what my friends believe, that does not make any of them less of a friend of mine. If that is supposed to be the basis of a good candidate, I would never vote.

I am proud to be voting for this ticket as a registered Democrat. There are still some Democratic candidates I am rooting for, but not in the Oval Office. My six-year-old daughter refers to Barack and Michelle as the “Obama-nables.” I agree. There’s no substance backing him except his running mate who joined the Senate in 1973. Is that change?

A statement by Benjamin Franklyn wraps up the Democrats to the Republicans this time around. He said, “Thunder makes all the noise, but lightning does all the work.”

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