Taking my kids to a “cocktail party” meant they needed cocktail dresses. I pulled out some decorator fabric that I had purchased on a whim because it was only $1 a yard. Yes, a dollar! I think I bought five yards. A mere fin for loads of potential was a bargain. I have lots of these affordable bundles of fabric just waiting for inspiration. This was the perfect opportunity.

I made my girls matching straight dresses, backless with a tie in the back. My self-critique of my sewing is that I am slow. Perhaps not, but I always under estimate how much time things will take. These two dresses took a little over two hours total. My secret? few seams. I cut the skirt to go all the way to the back–one seam. I made a simple lining for the top and used a silk cord for the neck instead of creating fabric ties which could take forever.

Best of all, it matched their Shirley Temples!

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