It’s been a while since I have blogged. My best explanation is that had too much time on my hands. That must sound funny, but it’s true. I had a client’s work stop, I slowed down my kids’ schedules, and I have been moving in slow motion ever since. That’s not entirely true, the holidays have their own special circumstances that had me whirling like a dervish to get everything just right.

Nonetheless, I have caught up on my sleep and my TiVo but am still not entirely on schedule. There were certain things that I automatically used to do because I had to. Many things that I completed on a pretty regular basis, like this blog, were worked in with precision.

A friend recently said she plans her day with “exquisite detail” to complete everything she wants to do each day. I love that expression. She’s busy and she makes it all work … in exquisite detail.

The art is planning your day with exquisite detail even when you have time to breathe and relax. Jobs expand when there is blank time on the schedule. It’s like a busy schedule is made up of solid blocks of ice, but when one or more things shift or get removed, the other blocks of ice melt and seep all over the page.

The only way for me to capture those liquid commitments is to make the relaxing moments as important as the non-relaxing times; to make the creative time as important as the taxing time; and to compartmentalize it on the to do list like a neat little tray of ice cubes all lined up

I’m going to put my calendar in the freezer. I’ll be blogging more soon.

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