When did it become okay to where the wrong bra with your clothes? I remember a stage brought on by Madonna with layers of tank tops, spaghetti straps and bra straps, but it was an interesting look. I think it is passé but it was interesting.

This morning I saw a woman getting dressed in the gym with a criss-cross spaghetti strapped, black top, with a regular white bra under it. The white straps that might as well have been a part of a Playtex Nursing bra were boldly displayed. Her skin puffed out on each side like a pink marshmallow squeezed with a ribbon around it. She looked trashy.

Looking at her, she was not a trashy girl at all. I think this was her attempt to look cool, a decade late, but daring nonetheless. She missed the mark. She wore it with a cute summer skirt. Black and white swirls filled an a-line. It would have looked darling with a simple black or white sleeveless shirt or shell. She was probably getting ready to go to work as she blow-dried her silky long brown hair at 7:50 a.m. Her freckled nose barely jut from her round, girlish face.

What would her co-workers think? She was trying to look cool and missed the mark? She went to the gym and forgot her bra? That could have been the case. If so, just snap your bra closed on the tightest notch and tuck the straps inside. A little lumpy is better than trashy.

If you are going for a sexy look, then at least wear your red satin bra. When you are showing that at the office you’ve just piqued your co-workers’ interest. Where was she last night? Where is she going tonight? Let them wonder something interesting. Those thick white straps scream one of the following,
1) “Hey look, my parents bought me this bra!”
2) “Grandma and I share lingerie!”
3) “Did you know they sold bras at the 99¢ store?”

There are options for bras including clear straps so you can wear the wrong bra and no one is the wiser. Many department stores now have Bra Specialists. I am not sure if that’s what they call them, Bra-ologists, maybe. Braziere Expert. Titslinger Technician (a little “Beaches” humor there, thank you Iris Dart and Bette Midler). Or my husband’s favorite, Over-the-Shoulder Boulder Holder Helper! Anyway, these women can size you up and put you in a bra that makes you look curvy in the right places and offers support for whatever you are sporting. If you are unsure if showing your bra is okay and what bra you should show, then go to Nordstrom and ask for some help.

In the meantime, keep your red satin bra in your gym bag for emergencies. Take my word for it!

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